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I help partners and teams advance toward the future of learning by developing, implementing, and sustaining transformative innovations: competency-based, learner-centered, and positive development spaces and systems. 

I do this by designing and redesigning learning spaces, building cooperative and collaborative community efforts, and developing and disseminating actionable knowledge.


Competency-Based Education

Linear, time-based, content-knowledge, school-bound learning is yesterday's paradigm. The future of education demands learning environments and systems that are grounded in the any time, any place development, demonstration, and application of meaningful knowledge and skills - personal, professional, and academic.

Learner-Centered Education

For too long, we have organized learning around institutions rather than learners. The future of education is learner-centered: committed to developing the agency and purpose of each learner, flexible and responsive to the choices and needs of each learner, and deeply relational. 

Positive Youth Development

The future of education will have a holistic focus on positive development: the cultivation of social emotional intelligence, positive cultural identity, and personal and occupational purpose. Positive development requires trauma-informed, culturally-responsive, and liberatory practices. 

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School Trip in Forest


Reimagine learning environments - schools, micro-schools and programs - for the future of learning.


Compass Academy & XQ Institute

Women Holding Hands


Engage diverse partners - schools, organizations, industries and families - for collective impact.


Greater Than One Collective

Reading Books in Library


Study, communicate, and disseminate actionable learning and insights for systems change.


Aurora Institute


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