I specialize in innovation and design, school design, personalized and competency-based learning, and research and development. Across these areas of specialization, I help teams do three things well. I help teams engage stakeholders to develop clear and aspirational visions. I help teams facilitate strategic planning processes and prepare for agile, effective implementation. I help teams continually iterate, improve, and communicate impact.

Strategy and Development

Community leaders need support and guidance to launch, galvanize, and grow their organizations.

I help executive teams articulate who they are and where they're going, then attain the partnerships and funding to get there.

Innovation and Design

The demands on educators and education systems are changing rapidly. 


I help teams customize innovation strategies for their communities by clarifying purpose, prioritizing efforts, testing, iterating, and expanding.

School Design

School, community, and system leaders need resource efficient ways to design (or redesign) schools.


I help teams plan, facilitate, and execute participatory processes to design and launch schools of the future.

Personalized and Competency Learning

The education field is shifting toward student-centered, student-directed, authentic, relevant learning.  


I help teams develop the competencies, strategies, and resources to shift toward personalized and competency learning at scale.

Research and Development

Innovating requires rigorous focus on outcomes and different ways of thinking about measurement.


I help teams define and measure impact at all stages of innovation, and communicate impact in compelling ways.

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