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Katherine Casey is phenomenal.  I've been fortunate to partner with her in the creation of an innovative school model, and she consistently wows me with her depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to communicate with impact.  Our venture is taking school out of the box and opening doors to opportunity for many underserved students and families.  I would not be successful without her and collaborating with her should be every entrepreneur's first decision.

Justin Darnell

Launch Network

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Katherine is a passionate and committed educator who has led and supported small startups and navigated large bureaucracies. As an entrepreneur, I need someone who can hear and understand what I am looking for; Katherine can not only meet the task at hand, but take it to the next level. She completes work with quality, precision, and thoughtfulness, ensuring all voices and perspectives are represented within her work product. I feel lucky to have access to such an incredible person and resource.

Christine DeLeon

Moonshot Fellowship

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Research and knowledge sharing on competency-based education

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Holistic, competency-based elementary micro-school

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Community-based, multi-generational collective impact

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Secondary and postsecondary pathways reimagined


     Recent Clients & Projects

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