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As a college student I studied the history of civil rights in the American south and spent afternoons and summers in local public schools. My commitment to education as a pathway to social justice began in college and middle school classrooms and grew as I worked with communities across California, Maine, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Mexico. I am lucky to have found my way to Colorado, where the innovation, social justice, and progressive education communities are aligned in service of a common vision: authentic learning and real opportunity for every single student. 


I believe deeply in the power of young people, the potential for whole scale transformation in public education, and the urgency of the work we do to make our schools more rigorous, more equitable, and more meaningful. After fifteen years in education across a variety of roles, I am thrilled to lend my time to supporting passionate people, teams, and organizations. I am inspired by people who dare to do work that challenges our conceptions of what is possible and dedicated to making big ideas real. 


I specialize in innovation, school design, personalized and competency-based learning, and research and development. As a founding member of the Imaginarium Innovation Lab in Denver Public Schools, I worked to ensure that innovation could grow and thrive by cultivating new ideas and innovators across the city, developing new systems and methods to study, evaluate, and understand promising innovations, and disseminating actionable knowledge to scale transformational practices. I was a founding design team member at the Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design, Denver's first open enrollment competency-based high school, where I supported school design, launch, and growth. Prior to my work in Denver, I worked in leadership development, educational philanthropy, and public policy at Education Pioneers, the Silver Giving Foundation, the Coro Center for Civic Leadership, and the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University.


I love my family and friends. I enjoy running trails and practicing yoga. I am energized by meandering travel to new cities and countries, dancing to live music, and cooking with and for the people in my life. I am a crossword nerd and you will often find me lost in the pages of a beautiful book. 

I would love to work with you. Let's go.


I received my Doctorate in Education Leadership from Harvard University in 2014.  I received my Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University in 2005. I am an Alumna of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership's Fellowship in Public Affairs (2007), the New Leaders Council (2009), and the Commons on Champa CoStarters Program (2017).

Professional Experience

  • Founder, Katherine Casey Consulting 

  • CoFounder and Director, Imaginarium Innovation Lab, Denver Public Schools

  • Education Pioneers

  • Silver Giving Foundation

  • Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University

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